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A unique employee team-building idea from one of my client organizations

Three weeks ago, I shared a fantastic idea from a client organization about a unique way to acknowledge and motivate employees – to hold “fake” retirement parties.  Well, today I’m thrilled to tell you about another great example of employee team-building and motivation from another client organization.

Monthly culture “moments”

employee team-buildingThis particular company has a very diverse workforce with people from a variety of different ethnicities and cultures.  So as a way to build understanding, to strengthen teamwork, and to have fun, their Corporate Finance team created monthly culture moments.  At their monthly team meetings, over a period of several months, they’ve showcased the different cultures and nationalities represented in their department.  Even though they’ve called it culture “moments”, it is in fact the theme for the entire meeting.

One or two employees (who are from that culture) make a short presentation sharing the background and history of their heritage countries.  They also tell the rest of the team about a core societal value and a common workplace behaviour.  Continue reading

How many hats?

A few months ago, I received a call from a manager at a client company who was frustrated because his team members weren’t working as a cohesive group.  And if that wasn’t enough, they were increasingly also blaming each other when things weren’t getting done.  After a short conversation, we got at one of the root causes of the problem – the members of his team each brought different priorities and “personal agendas” to the overall functioning of the group, and these differing objectives were creating conflict.  “If only I could get them to acknowledge and understand each others’ various priorities,” he said.  “But you can,” I said, and I recommended that he try How Many Hats? **, a fun and enlightening team-building exercise at his next department meeting. Continue reading