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team building

Good team building is good team learning

I am thrilled that my professional colleague and friend Tyler Hayden is today’s guest on the blog.  Tyler’s latest book – Virtually Engaged Team Building Activities – published earlier this year, and when I read it, I knew that his

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compassionate workplace

Social connections → positive relationships → a compassionate workplace

Today’s post is Strategy #11 in our ongoing video tips series on creating a more compassionate workplace.  And the tip is to deliberately create opportunities for social interaction. Create opportunities for social connection In strategy #3 in our series, I

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Workplace rituals matter, more than you might think

One of the questions I get asked a lot lately by leaders in client organizations is how they can give their people reasons to come back to the office.  It seems that many employees like working from home offices and

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compassion at work

Offering to help others IS compassion at work

Today’s post is strategy #4 in our series on tools to build more compassion at work.  The tip is to offer to help. Offer to help others Offer to help someone who seems overloaded.  This tool is effective not just

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A lesson in collaboration from hermit crabs

I originally penned this post approximately two years ago … but a recent conversation about “collaboration” with a client leader suggested that it is worth a re-read. Collaboration is an important component of inspired and energized workplaces.  And as a

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resiliency at work

Resiliency at work starts with a culture of openness

Today is Tip #12 in our continuing series on building resiliency at work.  The strategy is to deliberately create a culture of openness. Deliberately create a culture of openness If you are serious about building resiliency at work, then it

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