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Hiring for a job? Don’t settle for less

Sometimes you just need to fill the job! You’re short-staffed, sales or processing volumes are up, and your other staff are running ragged; you just need a warm body, as long as he or she is breathing, to fill the position. So you do. And then … in just a few short weeks, you heartily regret the decision! If this sounds familiar, then you know that effective recruitment is really a matter of pay now or pay later. Either invest the time and effort up front to get the right person for the job, or suffer the consequences in lack of productivity and even profitability later on down the road. Still not convinced? Let me give you my list of reasons why it’s SO SO important to pay now (i.e. make the effort up front) when it comes to recruiting employees for your team.

  • The right person will have the skills to do the job and so will be more productive.
  • The right person will love the job and will be much less likely to leave. Remember, turnover costs you time, money and aggravation.
  • The right person will fit more easily into your department and organization’s culture.
  • If the person doesn’t get along with the rest of your team, then there will be stress and conflict, and other team members’ productivity will go down as well.
  • Get it done right, and you won’t have to do it again … at least not for a while for this specific job!

The bottom line: making the wrong recruiting decision wastes time, money, and organizational resources, and it can really hold a team back. It pays to put real effort into getting the hiring decision right.

What else do you have to add to the list above? What are other consequences of not getting the right person for the job?

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