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Millennials, Xr’s, Boomers: Leadership & Succession Planning

succession planningI am excited to announce that the Vancouver Island Construction Association has invited me to participate in a special Open House on Wednesday May 16 at their offices in Victoria BC.

Millennials, Xr’s, Boomers: Leadership & Succession Planning

Here’s what you should be thinking about

In a 2-hour open discussion format, I’ll be sharing insights and best practices on millennial leadership, succession planning, knowledge transfer (and a whole lot of other subjects) based on my work with my clients across Canada, the US, and the world.  The construction industry in BC is facing a skilled labour shortage, compounded by the fact that young employees often don’t stick around long enough to develop any breadth of knowledge and experience.  Which creates a huge challenge for the companies in BC’s construction sector.  Some of the issues I’ll be encouraging leaders to explore are:

  • Who are the future leaders in their companies?
  • Who will take over the helm at their companies when they are ready to leave or retire?
  • Will these people have the knowledge, skills, or inclination to continue to build the existing leadership’s legacy and vision?

There will be time for an open question period, and depending on the number of people in attendance, we may be able to go deeper on certain topics.  If you’re in the construction sector on Vancouver Island, I encourage you to join me in this program, as it’s not likely to be repeated.

If you’re planning on attending and have specific questions, then please share them in advance with me.  That way I can make it a point to ensure that I at least touch on it during the planned portion of this Open House.

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