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Maintain your sanity under a micromanager

Big shout-out to Kristin Gomez, staff writer for, a website focused on providing information and products for smart, sophisticated young women who are seeking to better position themselves for success.  She recently wrote about how to maintain your sanity under a micro manager, and drew upon expertise from several sources, including yours truly!  You can read the article (and some of my advice) here:

Maintain Your Sanity Under a Micromanager

Kristin’s five tips:

  1. Don’t take it personally
  2. Take their feedback seriously
  3. Prove they can trust you
  4. Communicate often
  5. Give them the reassurance they need

If this is a topic that’s been weighing on your mind recently, you may also find this article I wrote back in 2008 useful: Dealing with Micro-managers or the French translation: Composer avec les microgestionnaires.

So what have been your experiences working with a micro-manager?  And perhaps more importantly, what have you done to overcome the challenges.  Please share!

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