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Persuasive Communication – Live audio event on September 16

When you speak, do people stop and listen? Do they nod their heads in agreement, and then roll up their sleeves to help you accomplish goals and get things done? Can you influence others to come around to your point of view, particularly when their minds are already made up? If you answered yes to these three questions, then congratulations, you’ve accomplished something that most people struggle with!  But … if your contributions in the workplace aren’t getting the attention they deserve and you find that others don’t often come around to your point of view, then you ABSOLUTELY MUST join me at my next live audio event on September 16.  In one fast-paced content-rich hour I’ll give you proven methods and specific language tools to build rapport and bring others on board.  These aren’t academic theories, these are practical useful techniques that you can put to work right away.

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In one power-packed hour, right from the comfort of your office, I’ll give you specific, practical, and useful tools to improve your track record in getting your ideas recognized, accepted and implemented! You’ll learn:

  • The triple threat of persuasiveness – the three characteristics that individually are potent, but combined are compellingly influential
  • Convincing and persuasive language that you can use to get a job, sell your ideas and bring others over to your point of view
  • Pre-suppositions – what they are, and how they work in bringing others on board
  • The FAB model – a simple (yet sturdy) persuasion technique from the world of advertising
  • The power of the hot button in “making the sale”

Join me on September 16, 2010 at 11 AM MDT. Early bird pricing in effect ONLY until this Thursday September 9!

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