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If I groom you then you’ll groom me (a cat’s formula for success)

I have two furry felines in my house and they provide hours of entertainment. As frequent readers of my blog and Mega Minutes know though, they also occasionally offer up lessons in life and leadership. People often say that cats are aloof but I find quite the opposite. My cats are very social animals, perfectly willing to groom each other for hours on end. You might say that it’s because they’re good friends, but I’ve been told by other owners that their cats will groom even mere acquaintances. You see … cats know that with another’s help, they can reach the hard-to-get spots that they couldn’t get to alone.

And therein lies the lesson for successful leadership. As important as it is to be a leader who acts independently in thought, you don’t want it to mean that you should isolate yourself. You need others around you with whom you can build relationships and foster trust. If you invest energy and goodwill into grooming them so that they can look their best, then they’ll do the same for you. And perhaps more importantly, they’ll help you achieve the difficult objectives that you can’t attain on your own. Make it a point to help others be at their best, and you’ll find that the energy is reciprocated.

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