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Motivating employees of different ages

FoodService_Spring2015What does it take to inspire and motivate employees of different ages? Over the years, I have blogged several times about different generations in the workplace (see Intergenerational conflict arising from dated policies and procedures? and Five things every leader should know about the multi-generational workplace), and it still continues to be a topic of huge interest to clients in just about every industry. The food services industry is no exception. Recently, Food Service & Nutrition magazine (published by the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management) invited me to pen an article for them for their Spring 2015 issue on this very subject, and you can read it here:

The Age-Diverse Workplace: Inspiring the troops – all the troops

In the article, I outline several specific ideas on how to inspire and motivate employees of different ages. The key lies in understanding that different generations bring differing values and expectations to the workplace, and that results in divergent perspectives AND different workplace motivations. While targeted at the food services sector in particular, the suggestions are relevant to any industry. Please take a quick read through, and then come on back to the blog to share your ideas and insights. Tell us what has worked, or didn’t, for you. And please, when you comment, let us know what industry or sector you work in.

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