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Minimize distractions and maximize productivity

For several years, I was a member of’s panel of business experts. is the online version of Profit Magazine, a sister publication to Canadian business magazine giants Canadian Business, MoneySense and Macleans. My inaugural column was titled How to become a persuasive triple-threat and it explored what it takes to get more people to buy your ideas.

Well, column number two just hit cyberspace this morning! How to stay focused by managing workflow interruptions offers up three strategies to minimize distractions, maximize productivity, and get more done.

ProfitGuide061815Research shows that 28% of a workday is used up just dealing with and recovering from interruptions. Despite this discouraging statistic, it is possible to minimize distractions, stay focused and concentrate amidst the chaos. But you have to be willing to deliberately and thoughtfully halt the constant interruptions from taking control of your work life.

Take a quick read through the column (How to stay focused by managing workflow interruptions) and let me know what you have to add to the list. What are you doing to minimize distractions? What are you doing to control the interruptions rather than letting them control you? Please share your thoughts by adding a Comment below. We’ll all benefit by sharing our success stories.

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