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What is your biggest challenge when it comes to employee retention?

What are you doing – really doing – to keep your top employees from walking out the door (and over to your competition)? If the answer is “nothing” (or even worse, you haven’t thought about it), then you are putting your organization’s short- and long-term success at risk. But unless you’re thoughtfully and deliberately taking action to prevent it from happening, it’s not always easy to keep your best and brightest employees from jumping ship.

This is exactly the topic that I’ll be discussing in my next live audio conference on February 6, 2013. “Stars That Shine – How to retain your best and brightest employees” will focus first on understanding why this matters (and it matters a lot), but perhaps more importantly, lay out specific and practical actions that you can take to hold on to your finest talent. I’d like your help in designing the content of this conference. Tell me – as a manager or supervisor, what is your biggest challenge when it comes to holding on to your best employees? What is the one thing that is likely to send them over to another organization? Go to to ask your question and not only will your answers help me determine the key issues I should discuss, but I’ll also answer as many of your questions as I can on February 6.

And while you’re at, be sure to download the free article – “Employee Retention & Turnover — The Real Reasons Employees Stay or Go” – in which I give you seven specific tactics to keep your top performers motivated and energized. Just click on the link on the bottom left of the screen.

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