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Three rules for productive meetings

You have, no doubt, attended at least one (if not more) meeting from hell! Whether they’re virtual, in-person or hybrid, the complaints run the litany – no structure, too long, nothing gets accomplished, boring, irrelevant, adversarial. The list goes on. Yet productive meetings ARE possible.  They can accomplish great things – elevate communication, generate new ideas, further morale, establish goals, build strong teams, and so much more. But … they must be managed skilfully. Which is exactly why I wrote on this subject in this morning’s edition of The Globe and Mail.

Productive meetings are actually straightforward to realize – it only takes three rules. But it requires resolve and persistence to act and follow through. In my latest column – Three powerful rules to make every meeting productive – I explain the three imperatives, in detail, so that you can forever steer clear of the fire and brimstone of another terrible meeting.

productive meetings

If you’re a paid online subscriber to The Globe, here is a direct link to the column on their site: And if you’re a subscriber to the print edition, my column is expected to publish there on Wednesday.

Well? Tell me about your meeting(s) from hell! What makes them so terrible, and perhaps more importantly, do you see how these three rules could help? I’d love to hear your perspectives and ideas. Please comment directly below.

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