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Compassionate leaders celebrate successes and show appreciation

Today’s blog post is another strategy in our ongoing video tips series on what it takes to be more compassionate leaders.  Today is Strategy #9, and it is to make it a point to celebrate successes and show appreciation.

Compassionate leaders celebrate successes and show appreciation

Compassionate leaders are diligent about recognizing and celebrating the successes of their employees – whether it is a project well done, a promotion, or a personal achievement. The benefit of course is that it helps build a sense of community and motivates employees to continue to perform at their best.  There are many ways that you can express gratitude for your employees’ hard work and contributions. You can write a thank-you note or email, you can send a text, or even send an instant message.  Verbal praise is also appropriate, and sometimes, giving a small token of your appreciation works wonders as well.  Be prepared to appreciate and celebrate individual as well as team successes.

Another significant action that compassionate leaders take is to use appreciation and celebration as a way to build a culture of positive relationships between coworkers. The better your team works together, the stronger their relationships are, the more efficient or productive they’ll be. You can reinforce strong relationships by bringing awareness to compassionate acts amongst your employees.  So, for example, if one of your staff stays late to help one of her co-workers, acknowledge her publicly in front of the rest of the team.  You will establish a tone that encourages employees to engage with one another openly and authentically, and to extend similar compassion to their coworkers.  You are setting a climate in which compassion is not only appropriate, but encouraged.

I’d love to hear what you think about today’s tip for compassionate leaders.  Are you finding ways to create a climate that recognizes and celebrates employee successes?  Share what you’re doing please so that we can all learn.

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